Customer Experience News & Trends

American customer satisfaction on rise: Guess who’s responsible

Overall customer satisfaction is on the rise. Does your industry have an impact on the improvement?

How interacting more with customers will build loyalty

Interact a little more with customers, and you’ll earn more of their trust and loyalty. Here’s why.

Goverment service improves: What the private sector can learn

Help from government contact centers is growing on customers. What does this mean for the private sector?

Why Apple tops Service rankings again

Apple has often left other companies in the dust when it comes to Customer Service. And they’ve done it again.

Customer satisfaction won’t budge: What you can do about it

Customer satisfaction won’t budge – and it could have an impact on the economy. A new study explains why.

Customer satisfaction takes a hit – and how you can keep your customers happy

Customers are buying more, but they aren’t happy about it. Here’s why.

Customers aren’t happy: Are they ready to stop spending?

Customers aren’t happy. Does it mean they won’t be spending?