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Your most important sales metric

When hundreds of managers were asked, “How do you select and prioritize the prospects in your pipeline?” the same answer arose time and time again.  

The warning signs of a double-dip recession?

Four years ago, the signs of an imminent recession came barreling over the horizon. Having seen them once, are we about to enter the same situation again? 

Is your state among the ‘best for business’?

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce just released its list of states that are the most — and least — business friendly.

The key differences between superstars and slouches

Managers may forever debate whether great sellers are born or made. But a recent study reveals several easy-to-spot differences between high-performers and low-performers, as well as the one common trait most would-be superstars possess.

5 keys to winning negotiations with cost-conscious buyers

Budgets are tight, and competition is tighter. Right now, most buyers feel like you need their business more than they need you. But here are five ways to turn the tables and create an atmosphere where they’re bargaining based on your terms.