Customer Experience News & Trends

5 ways to retain more customers in 2021

Customer experience professionals might be the most valuable players in their company’s success in 2021. You hold the key to customer retention.

How to read customers accurately: Best practices

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” 

Customers complaining about price? 7 best practices

Here are seven strategies used by top salespeople to lessen the influence of price on a customer’s buying decision:

What customers want from live chat – and 5 ways to deliver

Customers insisted live chat would make their online experience better. So you delivered — and now they have higher expectations. Here’s what they want and how you can make them happy.

The 4 worst email myths that destory the customer e-experience

Warning: There are lots of so-called email “best practices” being passed around that are just plain false. Putting them to use can spell doom for the customer experience, revenue projections and future email deliverability.

The newest service ‘Champs’ – and why they’re at the top

Find out who tops the list of customer service champions this year.

If you make decisions in the contact center, you probably need this guide

Very few decisions in a contact center are cut and dry. This guide can help leaders make the smartest decisions.

3 phrases you should never use when you must fire someone

It’s bad enough having to fire someone. Say the wrong thing, and you might make matters worse or even land your contact center in court. Here’s what to avoid.