Customer Experience News & Trends

Valuable advice from the world’s 6 best customer experience minds

Even if you know a thing or two about creating a great customer experience, you can learn something from these guys. They created business empires on great customer experiences – long before that was the vogue thing to do.

8 companies that increased business when everyone else blamed the economy

From Main Street to Wall Street, it’s been a tough few years. But some companies never used the economy as an excuse for failed customer experiences. In fact, they grew their businesses. Here’s how.

4 things the best online service providers do right

The personal touch isn’t the only factor in your customer service reputation. What you do online is a huge factor. Here’s how the best get it done right.

The brands customers can’t live without – and the reasons why

Many customers say they can’t live without certain brands. Does your contact center support one of them?

Words customers hate – and what to say instead

Some companies have banned their employees from saying certain words that upset customers. They may be on to something.

5 presentation lessons from the master — Steve Jobs

The late Apple co-founder will be remembered for a number of things, including his ability to attract and captivate audiences and the media. An analysis shows he used the same formula — one that anyone else can employ.

Why Apple tops Service rankings again

Apple has often left other companies in the dust when it comes to Customer Service. And they’ve done it again.

Why you want agents sleeping on the job — seriously!

Here’s why everyone in your contact center should stop fighting the afternoon yawns.

Is Apple risking its rep with new advertising ploy?

Apple wants to patent technology that would allow it to display advertising on just about everything with a screen. It’s also exploring ways to force consumers to view the ads, whether they want to or not.