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Customers’ 5 scariest emotions: The best responses

You’re not a psychologist – but you likely have to decipher people’s emotions quite a bit. And here’s how to deal with the bundle of emotions customers bring to you every day.

3 ways to deal with irate customers

When customers take out every bit of anger on you, the temptation might be to fire back. Bad move. Here’s what you want to do:

4 ways to cool an angry customer’s fury

No one deserves to be berated by angry customers. These tactics can help get them to back down.

3 ways to deal with angry customers

An angry customer will likely call today. Here are three ways to deal with him or her – and create a happy ending for everyone.

Customer fuming? 5 steps to extinguish his fury

Your customer is fuming, angry, dissatisfied and he wants you to do something about it NOW!

4 reasons your customers are so angry

Customers are angry, but not at you. Here’s why.

6 phrases that quickly calm upset customers

Use these phrases, and you’ll calm angry customers in no time.

Three ways to get angry customers to shut up

When you can’t get an angry customer to shut up, try this.