Customer Experience News & Trends

What next? Now customers expect you to read their minds – seriously!

It might be time to sign up your customer service reps for that mind-reading class at the community college. That’s where customer expectations are headed, according to this survey.

When will customers call — at work or after?

Customers usually rank convenience high on their “must-haves” for service. But do they really need you around the clock?

Whose performance really stands out to customers?

You’d probably like every customer to consider their experience with your agents memorable. The reality isn’t that, though.

Oh, how times have changed: Customers’ new preferences for getting help

Check your in-box before your voicemail this morning. Here’s why.

How many customers really want your help online?

Your agents are always ready to talk, but most customers would rather never have to call you. Here’s what researchers found.