Customer Experience News & Trends

Why you need to patch things up quickly with social customers

A customer who prefers using social media often has a sharp tongue and fast fingers. here’s why you need to respond quickly.

Why you want to broaden your smile a little or ask customers one more friendly question

Customers think you’re helpful, one study says. But your contact center might be lacking in this.

How many customers are likely to lose their temper?

Contact center agents, beware: More customers than ever are hot under the collar.

Customers won’t buy if this happens

Customers will bail if this happens before they’re ready to buy.

Will charging more for superior service work?

Some big companies known for less-than-stellar service now charge customers more to get superior service. Are customers biting?

Customers expect more than an apology when you’re wrong

Customers want an apology – and make it quick – when your company makes a mistake. But what else do they expect?

How many times can you burn customers before they’ll leave?

How forgiving are customers? Find out if they give second, third or more chances.

How many customers think you exceeded their expectations?

Customers may complain, but they don’t think customer service is all that bad — seriously! Here’s proof.