Customer Experience News & Trends

5 things that will make you, and your company, memorable

Vacations, a game-winning home run, a romantic movie — those are what memories are made of this time of year. Customer service? Not so much — unless you follow this template.

What’s next in the customer experience? Just look to Amazon

If you wonder what customers will want next, look to Amazon. The online giant transformed the customer experience for nearly all industries — and here’s what you can learn from what Amazon has done and will do.

Why Amazon’s service is so good – and how yours can be, too

If you said, “Amazon” twenty years ago, most people thought of a rain forest. Today, say it and the most-trusted company in America comes to mind — mostly because it was built on incredible customer service.

Be as good as Amazon: 3 keys to handling customer reviews

Whether you give customers the opportunity to review you or not, they’re going to do it. So let them go at it – and then react as well as the leading online retailer.

4 places where the customer experience stinks

You can learn a lot about how to create a customer experience on Main Street, especially from the companies who are doing it poorly.

Build a better customer experience through feedback: 8 best practices to follow

When you understand your customers’ needs and wants, you can weave those into the ideal experience. Here’s how to get that necessary insight and act on it so customers stay loyal, and your business flourishes.

Valuable advice from the world’s 6 best customer experience minds

Even if you know a thing or two about creating a great customer experience, you can learn something from these guys. They created business empires on great customer experiences – long before that was the vogue thing to do.

Who gets higher customer satisfaction scores – govt. or private orgs?

Looking for ways to improve customer satisfaction? You don’t have to look any further than a federal government office.

Were customers happy with online service this holiday season?

Online spending goes up every year, but are customers satisfied with their online service experiences? A new study reveals what they think.

4 things the best online service providers do right

The personal touch isn’t the only factor in your customer service reputation. What you do online is a huge factor. Here’s how the best get it done right.