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Who’s more stressed — agents or managers?

Whose stress level in the contact center is higher — agents’ or managers’? New research reveals the answer, and we’ve included tips on curbing the stress.

3 ways to cut turnover

Contact centers struggle with turnover. But before you put a revolving door in your lobby, try these three techniques to cut attrition.

Why ‘going with your gut’ might not be the best way to hire now

Leaders often go with their gut when hiring in contact centers. But following advice from software might be the better bet these days.

6 habits of highly unsuccessful people

No one wants to fail in the contact center. But some habits are telltale signs that success isn’t in the future.

5 reasons best agents leave – and how to keep them

Good agents are hard to find — and it’s often even tougher to keep them. Here’s why they might leave.

3 ways to keep the best agents in your fold

Agents who climb to the top of your ladder are often the most likely to take one more step out the door. Try these tactics to make sure you retain top talent.

3 ways to curb agent turnover

Rarely is there a good time for an agent – especially a good one – to walk out the door. Here are three ways to prevent unexpected turnover.

How happy are your agents?

If contact center agents are unhappy, leaders may never get a chance to do something about it before they walk out the door. Why?