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The big, hairy problem with Facebook: Something you need to know now

If you’re using Facebook to reach out to customers, there’s something new you’ve got to be prepared to face. 

6 worst marketing train wrecks of 2013

Some companies fell flat on their faces in 2013. Here are some whose marketing campaigns went off the rails of good sense for your New Year’s rubbernecking pleasure. 

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Horrible advertising mistakes made by 5 big companies

An advertisement is supposed to attract attention — but not this kind of attention.

The newest trend in online advertising

You know those Web ads that give you the option to skip them? There’s a method to that madness.

The best place to advertise

TV ads once ruled. A new statistic could change the thinking on that.

5 marketing channels to avoid

Is your company still using one of these tried-and-true sales models to market its products? If so, it may be time to consider a new strategy: 

Is Apple risking its rep with new advertising ploy?

Apple wants to patent technology that would allow it to display advertising on just about everything with a screen. It’s also exploring ways to force consumers to view the ads, whether they want to or not.