Customer Experience News & Trends

3 bad service moves that make customers dump you

Having a poor experience is the top reason customers will seek out a new provider, according to the latest research. And most customers will likely have a poor experience if your front-line people make these seemingly innocent mistakes:

You can’t be a one-trick pony when it comes to the customer experience

Customers are watching you from every possible angle. Are you ready?

Killer loyalty: How 6 companies keep customers longer

Customer loyalty is dying. You can blame the Internet. The economy. The competition. Even yourself. Or you can follow the lead of some stellar companies that use customer service to continually win loyalty.

Who’s complaining online – and who’s not

Are your customers the most likely these days to post their complaints online – and not give you a chance to fix their issues? Find out here.

Can poor service really lead to crime?

Would customers do something illegal against your company just because they got poor service?

No good hires out there? 3 ways to find great employees

You probably haven’t hired anyone in a long time – with more layoffs than expansions in the past years. So now’s the time to try new hiring tactics.