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Surprise – the government is getting e-service right! What all contact centers can learn

Almost any contact center can learn a few lessons from the government. It’s getting online service right, a new study found.

Customers are more satisfied with the federal government’s online customer service than they are with offline government. It also rivals private sector online service, the American Customer Satisfaction Index revealed recently.

On a 100-point scale, quarterly satisfaction scores include:

  • e-government – 75
  • offline government – 65.4
  • average private sector e-service – 76.5

Customers who are satisfied with the site are almost 60% more likely to trust the government agency than customers who aren’t satisfied, found researchers who did the study in conjunction with ForeSee Results.

Here’s what customers say the government is doing right – and what you can do to improve in those areas, too:

  • Transparency. Customers liked that the government made policies and processes clear and helped them navigate where they should be and what they should do on the site.
  • Convenience and usefulness. Customers were pleased everything they needed to complete their paperwork was on the site and they seldom had to reach out to the agency beyond that.

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