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Stress sucks: How to curb it in your contact center

With the constant demand in a contact center, there’s no wonder it’s one of the most stressful work environments. Here are four ways to beat that stress.

They come from experts at Caelan, Wright & Associates:

  • Don’t take it personal. Customers are angry at the situation, not you. Fix it and forget it
  • Don’t get in an argument. It only raises your blood pressure and stress level. Be the calm in the storm. If you can’t be that, walk away from the situation (let another agent handle a customer or avoid a co-worker who picks fights).
  • Fix issues right away. Letting an issue drag on with a customer or co-worker only weighs on your shoulders. Fix what you can immediately. Set deadlines for bigger issues.
  • Ignore ignorance. When people say things out that are of context or just plain mean, it’s often because they’re ignorant of all the facts. Either ignore it or educate others on what they should know.

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