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Stop the trash talk before it hurts morale

Agents might need to blow off steam after dealing with a tough customer, but they must stop short of trash talking. Here’s why.

Any kind of toxic, negative talk about customers (or co-workers) can immediately affect morale and productivity, according to workplace expert Barbara Burke.

Sometimes agents turn to co-workers after dealing with a tough customer, spewing negative opinions and feelings about the situation or person. Fellow agents usually soak it in, empathize and then internalize. They get a bit upset too, and there goes morale and productivity for the afternoon.

You can curb toxic talk in the contact center with Burke’s tips:

  • Bring it up. Agents who repeatedly vent on everyone else may not realize they’re causing such a stir. Bring it to their attention. Offer to hear them out privately, if that will stop them from screaming their frustrations to everyone within earshot.
  • Give them new direction. Encourage agents to let go of the unpleasant situation in healthier ways. Tell them to take a brisk walk or spend a little time in a break room listening to favorite music.
  • Do something. Leaders who fail to curb toxic talk will end up with a negative team. If offenders don’t or won’t curb their negative ways, discipline them or let them go.

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