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7 steps to being happier at work

Yes, you can be happier at work in a contact center. Try these tactics to make every day better.

We’re only as happy as we choose to be — and taking these approaches to work in a contact center can make that a lot easier, according to workplace experts at

  1. Stop blaming. You don’t have to be a masochist when things go wrong, and you don’t need to point a finger at anyone else. Instead, focus on what can be done to make things better.
  2. Form great relationships. Be yourself and establish professional relationships and friendships based on that alone. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not so you will never be held to standards you can’t or don’t want to sustain.
  3. Listen more. Interrupting will hurt communication and relationships with co-workers, bosses and customers. Hear people out and understand what’s going on around you so you can always make the best possible decisions.
  4. Make things better. Stop whining and complaining and take steps to improve on what’s not going well in the workplace. If you avoid gripe sessions with co-workers, you’ll see the sunny side of things sooner and more frequently, too.
  5. Focus on what people do well. Everyone is unique and criticizing others (customers, co-workers and bosses) for what makes them unique only spreads poison through a workplace. If you must point out what someone needs to do to improve, do it constructively. Say, “I’ve made that mistake before, and this is what I found works …”
  6. Don’t dwell. Who cares if that’s “the way you’ve always done it” or your co-worker “once overlooked your contribution.” It’s in the past. People and processes change, and new ways are often better.
  7. Move forward. Don’t let fear of challenges or the unknown hold you back from learning more, trying new things or meeting new people. If you don’t grow in some ways, you’ll lose love of your work.

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