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Show customers you care: 7 tactics that start from within

4. Gallagher Bassett

Customer service trainingAs a property/casualty third-party administrator, Gallagher Bassett could be a name you’ve never heard of. But if or when you have to deal with it, count on compassionate people. That’s mostly because CEO Scott Hudson hires and grows people who understand that their first priority is to care about the people who need to file a claim.

So he spreads compassion from the top-down, sending a weekly personal letter to his 5,000 employees highlighting what he cares about in work and life.

And guess what happens? Employees often write back with personal stories, further promoting the internal culture of caring.

5. Defender Direct

This home security product company believes that in order for the organization to grow, employees must grow.

So they put a lot of money into ongoing self-development and personal growth courses for employees so they can learn how to better serve customers.

6. Capital District Physicians’ Health Plans

Much like Defender Direct, Capital District believes in educating employees so they make the best possible decisions at work. But it also wants employees to make smart life decisions.

So it offers monthly financial planning one-on-one workshops. This allows employees to improve their personal and work lives.

7. Google

You’ve probably heard more than once that Google offers some out-of-the-ordinary benefits and treats employees really well (heck, there’s a movie based on it).

Google tries to create a happy community where its employees live, work and play. It helped Dalles, OR, where one of its data centers is located, implement free downtown WiFi and has donated more than $8 million to schools and nonprofits in its home state.

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