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Why you shouldn’t waste time trying to help customers on Facebook

Is it worth your resources to help customers on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook?

Probably not, according to new research.

Less than 25% of online users follow brands on social networks, a CoreData and GetPrice survey found.

Unless you support a highly recognized consumer product or far-reaching travel, utility or technical service, most of your customers probably aren’t looking for help or satisfaction from you on social networks.

But this research doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have some kind of online presence. Contact center agents may be able to help customers online by:

  • starting a regular blog where they can post up-to-date information on the issues they hear most
  • updating frequently asked questions on the company’s website weekly. Who better understands the most common questions than contact center pros?!
  • responding to e-mail questions within an hour of receiving them. Many customers don’t want to make the leap to online networks, but feel comfortable using electronic mail as long as it promises a response almost as fast as the telephone.

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