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Seemingly harmless words that scream volumes to customers

You say one thing, and customers hear something entirely different. It’s happening more than you think.

Some words and phrases often used in contact centers turn off customers because they’re interpreted differently from what agent mean.

Here are the top misinterpeted statements, what customers think you mean, and better word choices:

  • “As soon as possible.” They think you mean: When I get around to it. Instead, say, “It will be done by 4 p.m.”
  • “I’ll try.” They think you  mean: “Not sure I can do it.” Instead, say, “I will …
  • “To be honest …” They think you mean: I didn’t tell you the truth until now. Instead, eliminate the phrase entirely from conversations.
  • “Hopefully…” They think you mean:  “Who really knows?” Instead, say, “This will …”

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