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Say good stuff – it’s National Compliment Day!

Don’t hold back today. Tell customers, co-workers and even the boss what you like about them. Here’s why it’ll pay off.

Generate some good gossip today – National Compliment Day – and you’ll lift the spirits and confidence of others and yourself. That’s right, being extra nice to others makes the person who handed out the sincere compliment feel better, research has proven.

Saying something positive can often change other people’s opinion and outlook for the better, says Kevin McCarney, author of The Secrets of Successful Communication.

Here are several opportunities to dish out compliments today (and every day):

  • When customers choose a product or service: “That’s a great choice!” “You have outstanding taste.”
  • When a co-worker arrives to work. “I like your scarf. You have a real knack for picking the right pieces.” “You do so much for others. Let me get you a cup of coffee.”
  • When a colleague does something special. “You should be proud of your accomplishment. It means a lot to all of us.” “You are talented. I value the efforts you put in to make us all look good.”
  • When the boss checks in. “You’ve always been a sensible leader. I appreciate your guidance.” “You do a great job, and I just want to thank you for it.”

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