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Regaining lost customers

Losing old customers is always upsetting, but it can be especially devastating in today’s economy. There’s a proven process for getting them back.

Unlike a new prospects, old customers know your company and must place some value on your product or service or they wouldn’t have become customers in the first place. You can build on that:

Find the reason

Most customers stop buying for one of three reasons, according to a survey by the Jay Abraham Group:

  1. Lack of contact by the salesperson
  2. A problem or unsatisfying experience.
  3. Better deal from a competitor.

Lack of contact is the number one reason  customers stop doing business with salespeople, according to the survey. They resent being taken for granted while salespeople concentrate on finding new business.

The same survey showed that former customers will return if approached in the right way. Here are some tips to share with your salespeople to get a lapsed customer back:

  • Accept responsibility.  Show customers you’re prepared to do what it takes to win them back. This approach tends to neutralize any anger or hostility the customer is feeling.
  • If there’s a problem, ask how to fix it. Often customers don’t demand all that much. Sometimes it’s as simple as an apology.
  • Do something now. It’s better to make amends on the spot than to come back later with a solution.

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