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Recharge now: 4 best ways to spend your break

You may take your breaks, but you might be wasting the time. Here’s why:

Most contact center agents and managers don’t use their break time to relax and recharge. Instead, they try to jam in tech time – social media, personal cell calls or errands – that only adds to the stress of the day.

For lunch and/or mid-shift breaks to be truly a break from the grindstone, try to:

  • Take a walk. Grab a co-worker who’s also on break, walk outside or inside and have a real-time, face-to-face conversation. Just 10 minutes of aerobic activity can reduce stress and elevate feel-good endorphins.
  • Play a game. Anything from card games such as solitaire to mind teasers such as crossword puzzles help the brain switch from work to play.
  • Drink coffee or tea (just not excessively). A warm drink, consumed slowly and shared with a friend, can briefly put the pressure of work behind you.
  • Do nothing. Go outside or in a quiet place in the building, close your eyes and think good thoughts. It’s OK to nap – just set an alarm!

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