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Proof: Your social media touch will boost sales

Keep agents active on social media for your company, and the bottom line will grow. New research finally proves it.

Social sites can boost revenue from followers as much as 20%, researchers from the University of Michigan found.

It’s worth the time for agents to get involved with customers on your company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, plus industry blogs.

Researchers followed a retailer for 15 months after it launched into social networks. They compared the buying habits of customers before and after they joined in the company’s social networks. After they got active:

  • customers bought 37% more online,
  • customers bought 9% more offline, and
  • 19% of the company’s total post-launch revenue was attributed to social media followers.

Social media sites will add revenue — if contact centers manage them well. Agents will want to:

  • identify themselves as employees and experts when they post information and/or respond to customers
  • post relevant information, not promotional information
  • offer to take complex issues offline and help upset customers personally via a phone call, and
  • keep the information updated. Social media moves at the pace of right now.

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