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Oops! Saying this makes customers cringe

You may not be able to see customers cringe when they’re on the phone, but they’re doing it when they hear these all-too-common phrases from contact centers.

Researchers for The American Express Global Customer Service Barometer found many customers quickly get upset when they hear:

  • “We’re unable to answer your question. Please call 123-4567 to speak with a representative from our expert team.”
  • “We’re sorry, but we’re experiencing unusually heavy call volumes. You can hold or try back at another time.”
  • “Your call is important to us. Please continue to hold.”

Customers can and will wait, but about 30% of them in the survey said these phrases make them more impatient with a company – especially if they’re not getting a quick answer.

The better route is probably honesty when you can’t meet customers’ expectations. Try these tips:

  • Post your busiest times on your website, in company literature and in the IVR so customers know when they’ll wait longest – and can choose to call back at slower times.
  • Offer call backs. Give customers the option to be called back (when they aren’t facing an emergency, of course) when your contact center is less busy.
  • Be proactive. Send customers more info via mail and email to alleviate some calls. Let them know of errors and fixes you will provide as soon as possible so they don’t call in a panic.

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