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One time you shouldn’t throw a pizza party in your contact center

Pizza parties are often a welcome event in contact centers. But not on this occasion.

When you face retention or employee morale problems, a pizza party is a bad idea, says consultant Marge McGee with Career Architect Consulting Services.

If turnover is high, morale is low or agents are otherwise unhappy, there are underlying issues that need to be addressed. Having a pizza party or handing out candy bars might even insult employees, who’d rather have the real issues resolved, McGee says.

The first step when turnover rises and morale drops: Acknowledge there’s a problem. From there, contact center leaders can ask agents for their feelings on what’s happening and the biggest issues that need attention.

Even if leaders can’t do what agents want (say, give pay raises to everyone), they can boost morale by working with agents to find alternative solutions.

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