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Oh, how times have changed: Customers’ new preferences for getting help

Check your in-box before your voicemail this morning. Here’s why.

A third of customers say e-mail is their top source for customer service help these days. About 20% prefer to get help via a land line and about 15% want to use their mobile devices, a recent Angel study found.

Just five years ago, more than  half of customers named land line as their preferred choice for getting help from customer service professionals.

Although customer preferences have changed relatively dramatically in a short time, contact centers want to avoid putting too much emphasis on any one channel of communication.Yes, customers still rely on multiple channels to get their issues resolved. The complexity and urgency of the issue usually determines the channel they use.

The most urgent and complex issues will likely still come via phone because customers need human reassurance that things will be taken care of and OK. While social media often gets immediate attention, customers won’t likely address their most complex issues there.

So contact center training needs to reflect the balance of inquiries in your channels. For instance, if half of your inquiries come in via phone,  concentrate on phone skills and in-depth knowledge in 50% of training.

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