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New trend? Some companies won’t even answer the phone anymore

Some companies won’t even answer the phone anymore. Is it a new trend in so-called customer service?

Try to find a phone number for Quora –  much less talk to someone at the social media site – and you’ll be searching until … well, let’s just say for a really long time.

You can still call LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, but expect a circling phone tree and no live voice at any point.

Is this the future of customer service – no personal help?

The social media companies have said that they’re Internet companies, and it’s best to reach them through the Internet.

While that might work for some customers, most still need to talk. Almost 40% of online customers said they want to call a company when they’ve had an issue online, the ExactTarget 2012 Channel Preference Survey found.

Bottom line: Staff the phones whether you’re an Internet-based company, a bricks-and-mortar or something in between. Customers need the personal touch, especially in situations when they’ve become emotional.

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