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Moving prospects into the closing mood: 4 keys

If your salespeople don’t ask for the order, they won’t get it, no matter how persuasive their presentation has been or how qualified their prospect is. Asking for the order is the payoff for all the work and planning they’ve done to get themselves in front of an interested prospect.

The close

The close is the culmination of the whole sales process. There’s no standard time and place for when to close. Closing can come anytime, anywhere, depending on the product, service or circumstances.

Sales fail to close for one of two reasons:

  • The prospect didn’t see the need to make the change, or
  • The salesperson failed to read closing signals.

Questions prospects ask

Prospects may give closing signals by the questions they ask. Here are some examples of questions that may indicate that a prospect is ready to buy:

  • What is the price?
  • What kind of terms do you offer?
  • When can you make delivery?
  • When do quantity discounts apply?

Questions salespeople ask

Salespeople can move prospects into a closing mood with the following questions:

  • Where shall we deliver it?
  • When should we make delivery?
  • Should we call you when your order is ready for delivery?
  • Have you decided on payment terms?

Adapted from the book “Presentations that Change Minds,” by Josh Gordon, president of Gordon Communication Strategies in New York City.

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