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Make the most of training: 5 tips to remember it all

Agents: Don’t waste a minute of training time. Remember what you learn with these tips.

Whether you train onsite or at a conference, these tactics from Renee Evenson’s Customer Service Training 101 will help you retain more:

  • Note your needs. Before you start training, note what you want to gain from it. For instance, an update on products, a refresher on order taking, new ideas on handling tough customers. That way you can ask questions that get your goal achieved.
  • Share your needs. Let your leader know what you hope to learn. Then he or she can prepare to cover it.
  • Make connections. For each idea that’s introduced, jot down a note on how you’ll apply it in a work situation.
  • Start smart. Since training is a diversion from the norm, it can invigorate you or make you drowsy. So get extra sleep the night before and have a healthy breakfast.
  •  Stay alert. Sitting longer than you do in a normal day, or reading more than usual can make you drowsy. If that happens, take deep breaths, stand or stretch to stay alert.

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