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Are you ready for Customer Service Week? 7 last-minute ideas

Monday kicks off National Customer Service Week, and we’ve packed so many ideas in here that no one will ever know you didn’t start planning until now.

You can use the annual tribute to customer service pros as a way to celebrate customers and co-workers who support your contact center, too. Most importantly, use it to motivate agents.

In the coming week, plan these proven, low-hassle, low-cost ideas:

  1. Write a personal note to each agent, thanking him or her for every day and exceptional contributions. It builds morale department-wide, says customer care and positive workplace expert Joanna Brandi.
  2. Send a standing ovation. Send the special, delightful praise to agents throughout the week.
  3. Pass out stress relief kits. Stuff recyclable bags with agent’s favorite candy, tokens for the coffee or soda machine, stress balls, puzzle books, 15-minute break passes and a note announcing that a masseuse will do 15-minute chair massages later in the day.
  4. Focus on customers. Ask customers who you know well to contact agents directly during the week to thank them for all they do. And assign agents time to make similar calls to customers, thanking and acknowledging them for years of loyalty.
  5. Get others involved. Set up two feedback boxes on Monday, one inviting folks in other departments to drop a note explaining something special an agent had done. Invite agents to drop similar notes about folks in other departments in the other box. At the end of the week, award gift cards to the employees with the most notes written about them.
  6. Book some training. Schedule an outside trainer or motivational speaker to do a lunch-time session on customer care. Provide a catered lunch.
  7. Decorate, celebrate, eat. Before agents leave today, invite them to come up with themes and gather decorations over the weekend for their cubicles. Plan a potluck lunch for next Friday. Give fun awards at the lunch for the decorations – “most original,” “never saw it coming,” “must have stole this idea,” etc.

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