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Keys to effective presentations

Is there anything new under the sun when it comes to making sales presentations? Turns out, there is.

Here are six presentation tips from Barry Farber, author and sales consultant. Share them with your salespeople.

  1. Complete a thorough needs analysis. Don’t go into your first meeting blind. Find out as much as possible about the prospect before you make the call. Once you understand the prospect’s criteria, you can customize the presentation to show how you can meet specific  needs.
  2. Read over your research notes and the ways you’ve found that your product can benefit the prospect. Try to come up with a list of key questions. Have a clear, logical thought-line for your presentation.
  3. Probe and clarify until you get the information you need. Plan to present your ideas from the prospects’ perspective. What do they care about most? Until prospects are convinced that your product or service has value to them, they will not commit.
  4. Make the connections between your product and service clear. Assume nothing. Always remember that the prospect is asking, “What’s in it for me?” Try not to bury the benefits in technical jargon. Linking the product and benefit usually results in a successful closing.
  5. Say what you mean as simply as possible. Try to draw mental pictures for your prospects. You want them to be able to imagine themselves using your product or service, so use phrases that include them.
  6. Visualize a successful outcome. Picture yourself coming up with new benefits as you learn more about the prospect needs. The prospect wants to know, “What does your company stand for? What does it offer that is better than its competitors?” Until prospects are convinced that your product or service has value to them – until they see the benefits – no amount of persuasion is right.

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