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Just an order-taker? Never! You build loyalty one order at a time

Taking customer orders may seem like one of the most mundane tasks to contact center agents. But it’s so much more.

When agents take customer orders the right way, they open the door to repeat sales, loyalty and high levels of satisfaction. So they can never just sit back, let customers place an order and assume it’ll go out OK.

Instead, agents need to lower or eliminate the risk of errors during or after orders – so customers are never disappointed. Here’s how to do that:

  • Ask questions. If any part of  a customer’s order doesn’t seem right, ask if that’s what they intended to order.
  • Speak up. If you think a customer is making a mistake, mention it without making him feel like he made an error. Say, “I just want to check: Are you aware that the attachment you requested is not compatible with the system you own?”
  • Clarify. Instead of moving ahead when you doubt something about the order, ask a customer for more information. Say, “Before I put this order through, I wanted to make sure I have it right. Did you want …?”
  • Confirm corrections. If changes are made along the way, confirm them before completing the order.

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