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It just got easier for customers to complain

With a few keystrokes, customers can complain to you, on Facebook and via Twitter simultaneously. Here’s how.

A new mobile app for iPhones and Androids allows customers to post a complaint that goes straight to their Facebook friends, Twitter followers and the customer service email address of the company that’s upset them.

The creators of Gripe say the service eliminates several steps and helps customers get their issues resolved sooner. On the bright side, customers can also post “cheers” about great service experiences.

This may mean customers will skip the usual channels to get issues resolved or make complaints, and almost force contact centers into responding immediately or deal with cyber backlash.

A good strategy: Invite customers who’ve posted complaints on any social media outlet to contact an agent directly, who will resolve it immediately. When the issue is resolved, ask customers to update their posts on the positive outcome.

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