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Is your contact center SAD? How to beat a morale problem this time of year

Morale seem to be dropping lately? This annual issue may be your problem.

About 80% of workers say they get the “winter blues,” and it affects their performance, an Office Angels study found.

It’s a condition that’s been diagnosed as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The reduced number of daylight hours, cooler temperatures and less sunlight because of cloud coverage is to blame, experts say.

But there is a upside: More than  half of all employees say that being cooped up indoors more often helps them work better as a team.

Still, you might want to take a couple of steps to avoid any effects of SAD:

  • Keep blinds open or invest in bulbs that simulate natural light, and
  • Plan more teambuilding events such as brown bag lunches where the company provides cocoa and cookies.

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