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6 ways to tell if your contact center is really customer-centric

Every contact center is built to serve customers. But is every contact center customer-centric? This checklist can help you gauge whether yours is.

The contact centers that are most centered on customers have six things in common, according to service and loyalty expert Peggy Morrow.

  1. Customer service is the subject at least once a month on the team’s agenda.
  2. Customer satisfaction is measured at least monthly with feedback directly from customers.
  3. All employees understand how their jobs provide value to customers.
  4. All employees understand the biggest current customer concerns and issues.
  5. Frontliners are involved in suggesting and implementing service improvements.

Notice: Cost efficiency, low average handle time and other metrics aren’t included in the high priorities at customer-centric operations. But the companies almost always find that those things fall into place when everyone working in the contact center is first focused on the customer.

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