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Is it your fault customers don’t use automated help?

Customers are willing to use automated systems and self-service options, but they aren’t doing it. Turns out, it might be your fault. Almost half of customers who reach Interactive Voice Response (IVR) fail to get the answers they need and have to talk to a contact center agent, a CFI Group study recently found.

Many customers say the automated response is confusing or doesn’t have the information they need available. So they turn to agents for help – which hinders satisfaction and drives up the cost of helping customers.

To help customers have more success using your automated phone or self-service options:

  • Use them yourself. Regularly check that they’re easy to navigate and understand.
  • Align them with your frequently asked questions. Keep close tabs on customers’ most current questions and issues. Make their solutions options on your IVR.
  • Make it easy to reach an agent. Rather than force customers to navigate IVR, give them the option to talk to an agent early, before they end up dissatisfied.

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