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Is it time to start a loyalty program?

Now might be the best time ever to start a customer loyalty program, no matter what industry you support. Here’s why:

Participation in customer loyalty programs jumped over the past year, proving customers want to stick with good companies, researchers for the Accenture Global Customer Survey found.

And don’t think loyalty clubs are just for grocery chains and airlines anymore. Retailers, hotels and wireless service providers saw anywhere from six to 12 percentage points, the survey revealed.

Why are loyalty programs working better? They create a greater sense of trust between customers and the companies they patronize, says Accenture Customer Relationship Management executive Robert Wollan.

If you don’t have a loyalty plan in place, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Use the data as much as you mine. Don’t just gather data so you can watch buying habits or trends. Use the data to treat customers better. Find out their special occasions and preferences and respond to them.
  • Give multiple benefits. Reward customers for using your products with previews, freebies, special access to help, discounts and opportunities to influence your products and services.

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