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Is it OK to say ‘No problem’ – or does it turn off customers?

“No problem.” Sounds innocent enough, but if you say it to customers do you hurt satisfaction?

In casual and professional conversations, “No problem” often replaces “You’re welcome” in response to a “Thank you.” Is it an acceptable substitute?

About three out of five customers say it’s OK because the intent is the same, a survey recently found. About 30% of customers don’t think “No problem” is impolite, but they feel it’s a poor substitute for “You’re welcome.”

Just 10% of customers feel that customer service agents shouldn’t use it. The minority might be on to something, though.

Here’s why we at Customer Contact News suggest agents avoid the phrase. It starts with a negative word – “no” – that agents generally try to avoid saying to customers. Instead, say, “You’re welcome,” “My pleasure” or “It was great to help you.”

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