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Is good service an expectation or a right?

Customers should expect good service. But do they have a right to it?

About 70% of customers think it’s their right, according to the recent Arnold On: Service worldwide survey.

Surely, almost every customer expects a good experience when they contact service professionals. Now, the majority go into a customer service situation considering it their right to have a good experience.

One problem with that logic is that many customers may have unrealistic expectations — immediate help, full refunds, fastest possible delivery, special treatment.

Contact center agents don’t want to let customers down whether they expect a good experience or think one is their right. The best way to make everyone happy: Set clear expectations.

Use your website, wait time greetings, invoices, email messages, social media posts and all communication with customers to tell them:

  • the best ways to contact professionals for the types of inquiry they might have
  • estimated wait times based on days, times and channels they use to contact you
  • estimated delivery time of products, services, answers, resolutions and repairs, and
  • how their requests and questions will be handled.

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