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If you’re on social media you better be fast

If your contact center supports social media, you better be fast with Facebook and Twitter responses – or else.

More than 50% of Facebook users expect an answer to their customer service inquiry within a day, and 80% of Twitter users expect the same, the Consumer Views of Live Help Global Perspective study by Oracle recently found.

If you aren’t currently keeping up with that timeline, it might not be worth it to advertise your social media presence. Reason: If you fail to meet the expectation, you’ll likely have dissatisfied customers who are active on social media spots. They’re criticism can go viral quickly, leaving a bad impression on other customers.

Better bet: If you can’t meet the one-day expectation, let customers know. Post it on your Facebook page or Twitter feed. Tell customers if they want immediate answers and solutions, it’s best to call or email your contact center. The honesty – and subsequent timely response – should keep them happy.

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