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How your actions before training can boost the impact of training

Increase the chances agents will retain more information from training sessions by doing a little more before you meet.

These pre-training tips come from experts at TechRepublic.

  • Create quick reference tools. Agents can use them during training and keep them handy afterward when they have to implement what was taught. Keep it small and brief – bullet points on an index card.
  • Know what learners know. Send a short quiz to everyone who’ll learn the material before the session. It’ll give you a baseline on how much information to include. Note: If one person knows far less than others, avoid teaching to his or her level. It’ll bore the others. Instead, give that person pre-training tutoring.
  • Prepare ‘students’ by giving them a checklist of what they’ll have to accomplish after training. It helps agents stay focused on what’s most important to their on-the-job performance.

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