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How you can use other companies’ missteps to build loyalty

When other companies mess up, you might be able to use their mistakes to build loyalty with your customers. Here’s what to do. 

First rule: Don’t ridicule or condemn competitors for their missteps. Criticism might even turn off some customers.

Instead, focus on sharing information and offering customers more value.

Case in point: Many of Blinds To Go‘s competitors had to recall products. Representatives from Blinds To Go reached out to customers, letting them know that the products they had purchased weren’t affected by the recall.

They told customers that their safety was the company’s top priority and reminded them how to use their products safely.

This approach worked because Blinds To Go:

  1. Kept it clean. The company never criticized others affected by the recall.
  2. Was proactive. Rather than wait for calls about the products that were recalled, they reached out to customers.

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