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How you can get customers to buy more this year

Good news, contact center pros: You can do more than ever to get customers to buy more this year. Here’s how:

Customers in a RightNow poll said they’d be encouraged to buy more if companies:

  • made answers to their questions more accessible before they bought (61%)
  • improved customer service (66%), and
  • tailored the experience (23%).

Try these tactics to live up to those three customer expectations:

  • Update FAQs often on your website, IVR and in written, promotional material. Ask friends and family to review the information to make sure it’s clear.
  • Respond quicker and more personally to calls. Set new goals to speed up response times and reduce wait times.
  • Make it personal. Use customers’ names and refer to things they’ve mentioned in conversations so they know you’re focused on them and their needs.

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