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How to respond to the 5 biggest customer complaints

You don’t have to agree with customers’ complaints  – but you have to agree that their complaint is important to them. Here’s how to make customers feel that way.

Try one of these responses from  Ron Kaufman, author of Uplifting Service: The Proven Path to Delighting Your Customers, Colleagues and Everyone Else You Meet. They can help you rebound from the five most common complaints.

Customer says: “That person was rude and unprofessional to me.”

You say: “You are right to expect courtesy, respect and helpfulness.”

Customer says: “Your policies are too rigid. You have a bunch of red tape to jump through.”

You say: “I agree that we should be as flexible and user-friendly as possible. Your suggestions can help.”

Customer says: “This is not what I expected for the high price I paid.”

You say: “I’m on your side. You have a right to be satisfied with whatever you purchase from us. You deserve a good value for your money. Let’s review what you have bought and see if there’s a better option for you.”

Customer says: “I’ve been waiting forever. Why did it take so long?”

You say: “We understand that in today’s world speed counts. You deserve fast, friendly service.”

Customer says: “Your website is terrible. I couldn’t find the information I need.”

You say: “You are right to want an informative user-friendly website. What information couldn’t you find? Your suggestions on how to improve the site are a big help.”

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