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How to reignite your sales career

Nothing is more important for salespeople than motivation. Without it they can’t do anything, build anything or be anything. 

Some salespeople allow fear, blame, comparisons with others or feelings of unworthiness stifle their motivation.

Why motivation matters

The only way to accomplish a worthwhile objective is to master the drive to achieve it. Wanting and needing something are not enough. Only action makes desire more than a wish. Motivation is the emotional force that impels you to act.

Undermining emotion

Here are four feelings that undermine motivation:

  1. Feeling undeserving. Some salespeople feel they don’t deserve to succeed.
  2. Some salespeople worry about failure or rejection.
  3. Evaluating your progress against others may hinder you.
  4. Some salespeople try to blame their failure on others, giving themselves an excuse to quit trying.

Motivating yourself

Motivating yourself requires you to analyze your goals, decide what you want and act to achieve it. Set challenging targets that you know you can accomplish with some extra push.

Getting the spark back

Discouragement and burnout are realities for salespeople. Motivation can grow or fade. What can you learn during bad times? What would you change if you started over? What is your path forward? You can relight the furnace of motivation to energize your sales life again.

Adapted from: Motivation by Tom Gorman, marketing consultant.

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