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How to keep a casual conversation professional

In a contact center, most conversations with customers aren’t exactly suit-and-tie affairs. But even the most casual conversation needs to stay professional on all levels.

Agents want to sound polished and as if they were meeting personally with customers when they talk with or email them. It builds their credibility and the company’s good name.

However, many conversations are inherently casual — a status check, follow-up answer or resolution confirmation.

To avoid letting them stray to unprofessional, agents want to keep these tips in mind:

  • Avoid “no problem.” When someone thanks you, you may think what you did wasn’t a problem, but don’t say it. It’s too casual – and, more importantly, it starts with “no.” Instead, simply say, “You’re welcome.”
  • Be specific. Most people say, “How are you?” without really wanting to hear how others really are. Add a personal, professional touch by asking, “Hello, Louise. How are things in your office?”
  • Close with something memorable. “Have a nice day,” has become meaningless. Try something different: “Thanks for ordering this product from us. I think you’ll love it.”

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