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How to gently turn down a customer’s idea

Customers have some great ideas on how things should be handled – or so they think. Here’s how to gently turn down their suggestions that won’t work. 

These polite strategies come from experts at Communication Briefings:

  • Listen closely. Avoid interrupting – even if you’ve heard the idea before, tried it and know it won’t work. Listening shows respect – and there might be a unique twist that does fit.
  • Praise the initiative. Thank customers for sharing a suggestion. You want to make it clear that you’re rejecting the idea – definitely not the customer.
  • Help them see the flaw. Rather than flat-out say, “It won’t work,” steer the conversation so customers see why it won’t work. Say: “Have you considered …?” or “How would we be able to …?”
  • Offer an alternative solution. If possible, include some elements of customers’ ideas.

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