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How to avoid the one word that pi$$*$ off customers most

Saying “No” is the fastest way to irk a customer. Here’s how you can work around the dreaded word.

We know – sometimes “no” is the only answer you have for customers. What they’ve requested is way off base or what they’ve claimed is an all-out lie.

Still, you don’t want to shatter their dreams or jeopardize their relationship with your company with a negative response.

Instead, try one of these responses to outlandish requests and questionable situations:

  • “Let’s explore (another option, some possibilities, other avenues).” There’s almost always an alternative to what customers want that will satisfy them. This response allows them to remain part of the solution.
  • “What if …” This response recognizes some merit to the request or dilemma and helps agents steer customers toward a different solution with a positive result.
  • “You may not be aware that …” This allows agents to explain the policy that forbids them to do what’s been requested without using the other dreaded word “policy.” Then agents can explain what they can do.

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