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How to avoid no-shows

The weather is so nice, even the most diligent agents are tempted to play hookey. Here’s how to avoid absenteeism.

Everyone deserves — and needs — time off. In a busy contact center, it’s best that time off is scheduled.

So before the warm weather causes no-shows, take these steps from sales and communication expert Jo’Ann Alderson to inspire everyone to work hard when expected (and enjoy time off when planned):

  • Set the right example. Leaders must show up on time and work effectively while in the office. Offer agents tips on how to work effectively, too.
  • Leave employees alone after hours. Avoid messaging agents after hours and on weekends so they understand that the job ends when they walk out, and they need to focus on it intently only on the clock.
  • Avoid the work hangover. Spending too much time in the pub causes hangovers. Spending too much time at work can have the same effect. Encourage agents to leave on time so they’re fresh the next day.
  • Acknowledge attendance. You don’t have to praise agents for doing what’s expected, but it’s a good idea to tell agents you’re happy to see them.

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