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How to avoid all those ‘cube aches’

Just because your job in the contact center isn’t physical doesn’t mean it won’t take a toll on your body. Here’s how cubicle work can damage your body – and what you can do to avoid it.

People who work at desks in cubicles all day often suffer from:

  • upper back paid from holding the phone between their ear and shoulder
  • lower back pain from poor seated posture, and
  • poor leg circulation from sitting too long.

What’s more, recurring pain can lead to low morale. To alleviate or prevent these issues:

  • Get up and walk several times a day to restore circulation and give eyes a rest from the computer.
  • Stretch arms over the head and curve the back to reverse the hunch often caused by using the keyboard for a long time.
  • Stand and rock back and forth from toes to heels.

You can also view exercises to try in your cubicle from the experts at Advanced Pain Management.

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