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How to add a personal touch to email, chat and automated service

It’s tough to add a personal touch to all the technology used in a call center today, but we have tips for the three biggest tools.

Try these ideas from customer Quality Service Institute’s John Tschohl:

  1. Voice response systems. Even top online retailer Amazon has a “contact me” button that invites customers to click it and have a customer service rep call them.  It’s paid off: Amazon tops MSN Money’s list of customer service providers, and year after year increases sales. Point is: It pays to have a person, not automated system, answer calls.
  2. Email messages. More customers than ever find it easier to contact Service through email (often because they don’t want to use automated phone service). Add a human touch by signing off with a first and last name and including a phone number that customers can call for personal help.
  3. Internet connections. Customers use your website to learn about your company and its products and services – and they often want to connect with a person while they’re there. Keep an email address or option to web chat on all web pages.

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